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Hey there sister! My name is Sarah Vance. I am a body image coach and my purpose in this world is to help you uncover the radiant badass woman within, start owning your space, and finally have peace around food. I help you start living the life you want and deserve right now.

Basically, I help you get to a point where you walk through this world taking up as much space as you damn well please knowing you are enough as is-  all while having your cake and eating it too- shame and guilt free. Yes, it is possible.

Do any of these things sound familiar to you?

Your diet history looks similar to that of celebrities’ relationships – it is all over the place, and you have tried everything.

You start a diet, only to have it last for a week until you face plant into a full pepperoni pizza covered in ranch, then follow it up with the next 21 Day Fix paired with 90 minutes of hamster mode on the elliptical.

You fully believe that once you reach your ‘goal body’ that your life will drastically improve.

Once you have obtained an ass and legs like Beyonce, a midsection like Jessica Biel, and arms such as Michelle Obama’s that you will finally be confident, happy, wear whatever the hell you want, and have head bangin’ sex with the lights on.

You think you are related to the cookie monster because you have absolutely no control over yourself and sweets.

Once you eat one cookie, you know you will eat the rest of them covered with whip cream and peanut butter, and because of this you automatically think you are a “sugar-addict who has no willpower.”

You forget what it is like to go out and laugh with your best friends on ‘Taco Tuesday’ for margaritas.

You are too busy with your new BFFs by the names of MyFitnessPal, FitBit, and food scale! Not only are they your best friends, but they are always telling you what to do, how much to eat, and that you need to run ‘just a little bit longer.’

Your purse is no longer used for lip gloss, tampons, and gum – but for Tupperware, protein shakes, and ‘guilt-free’ 100 calorie snacks.

Which you usually end up eating all at once, licking the Tupperware, and finish full of shame and guilt.

Your countdown to your beach vacation is directly correlated with the countdown of the 30 Day Squat challenge and 10-day cleanse.

Then you end up not even going to the beach because you are not ‘bikini-body-ready’- and if you sit on the sidelines wearing a Muu Muu that resembles a carnival tent because you will never be seen in a bikini.

You spend more time doing things for others than you do for yourself.

No matter how busy, tired, or lack of enthusiasm you have in doing something people can always count on you as the “Yes!” (Wo)man. The thought of taking a moment for yourself makes you feel guilty and selfish.

You spend more time reading, listening, and watching ‘health gurus’ than you do connecting with your significant other, friends, and community.

And they often leave you feeling like you have sugar addiction, need to follow their celery and tuna diet, or just need to their special supplements named Bullshit.

Anytime you go shopping for jeans it resembles an episode of Fear Factor where you are overwhelmed with pure anxiety and self-hate.

Shopping only leads to you running to the nearest food court inhaling blueberry streusel muffin tops that you feel resemble yourself in a pair of leggings.

Your biggest motivation for taking care of yourself is fueled by self-hate, shame, and guilt.

You cannot imagine lovin’ yo fine self and giving yourself celebratory high-fives.

You think the bigger your thighs are in size, the smaller your life must be in experience.

You hold back on doing things in your life because you are afraid of what others may think of you, or that you simply ‘can’t do it.”

Girl- I get it. This is where I tell you to go get your scale, take a sledgehammer to it, throw it in the street, run it over with your car, burn the remaining fragments, and then throw it in the sea of false-beliefs. It is time to put your badass panties on, grab some sass, and take a swig of a new reality.

You see - all of those stories listed above are stories that were my reality.

For years, I allowed food and my body to control every aspect of my life. If I wasn’t thinking about what I had just eaten, I was thinking about when I could eat next. I was either counting calories and perfecting my macronutrients or clawing at a box of pizza.

I chased the never ending quest of achieving the perfect goal body. I dieted, binged, dieted harder, binged even harder and combined that with living in the gym. Working out became my second job and a chore- but I was determined to see the body that was in my head show up when I was looking in the mirror. 

I was convinced that once I resembled the girls on the Muscle and Fitness Her’s magazine that everything would magically fall into place. That this goal body would give me a one way ticket to happiness, fulfillment, confidence, and love.

And in all honesty – I was pretty close to obtaining the ‘goal body’ that I had in my head once I hired a coach and set out to compete in bikini competitions. I say pretty close because when you truly chase a goal body and perfection- you are really chasing the impossible. Every time I competed and with every new meal plan, I was actually just getting closer and closer to a breaking point in my relationship with food and my body.

My body was a project.

My worth was completely based on how tight my ass or how flat my stomach seemed. My validation was based on what others thought of me and how many trophies I was taking home- not what I thought of myself.

I finally was ‘fit enough’. I was working with a photographer. I had been dieting hardcore for weeks – my hair was falling out, I had no energy, and my nails were breaking left and right. My body was fighting back. It was screaming STOP- but I was saying…just a little more. One more rep, and one less bite.

I walked into the photo shoot completely depleted of all my energy resources, but damn it- I was ‘there’. I was going to be one of those girls in the magazines. I was on cloud nine. My dreams were coming true! Until the photographer said:

“Don’t worry. We will photo-shop your stomach and make it a lot better.”

That is the moment my life took a major turn. It was my wake up call because I finally realized that I was indeed chasing the impossible- and that even when I was close to the impossible, it was just a big façade.

Even though I had come close to my ideal body, I was nowhere near my ideal life. On top of that – my body just couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had enough at trying to be ENOUGH.

I realized that my body wasn’t going to provide me with what I really wanted in my life. My body wasn’t my project- my life was, and that in order to feel like enough it had to come from within.

I needed to change my life- for myself, and my health. And this is when I started to challenge my core ideas around beauty, health, food, fitness, and my self-worth.

I realized I was wasting too much time and energy on fighting my body and food, versus fighting for the life I really wanted to live.

I had to completely redefine what health and fitness meant for me, change my mindset around my body, and revamp my relationship with food. Through doing this, I can now tell you that I enjoy Taco Tuesdays, move my body to feel like a Rockstar, take up space in this world, and I am no longer living a life that is controlled by food and the way I look. I have found peace, freedom, happiness, and immense unconditional love for myself.

And now, I help and empower women like you to do the exact same.

I bet you are thinking that you are stuck hating your body and having a messed up relationship with food. I am here to tell you that you do not have to be stuck on the dieting merry-go-round.

The problem isn’t your body or that you haven’t found the ‘perfect macro breakdown’.  The problem is what is occurring between your two ears: your mindset.

Together, we can get down to the bottom of what is holding you back and keeping you shackled to the Kale and Cardio fad.  We dive into your relationships with food and yourself, understand what is keeping you handcuffed to chasing the impossible, and start developing a new mindset.

Dieting and working out is the easy part. Developing an entirely new relationship with yourself and food is hard- but that is where I come in and lock arms with you on your personal journey towards being able to eat food effortlessly and feeling radiant in your body.

We will knock down mental barriers, build up a new foundation, and uncover the radiant woman within who is kicking and screaming to get out and show up in this world.

I have the skills and non-fluffy, BS-free advice that will have you stepping in and stepping up in this world where you eat your cake on a Tuesday guilt-free, and never allow your jeans to dictate your worth.

If you are ready to get off the diet cycle, feel peace within your body, and eat food effortlessly, then join me in one of my coaching programs.



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Professional Bio

Sarah Vance is a body image coach who specializes in helping women banish body hate and get a handle on emotional eating. She is a contributing writer for Ravishly and FabUPlus Magazine as well as the sponsored athlete for SuperFit Hero, a size-inclusive athletic apparel line. Sarah has been interviewed in a variety of podcasts including Nia Shanks, Finding our Hunger, Rebooted Body Podcast, SexyFit Podcast, Real Health Radio, Fearless Rebelle Radio, among others.

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