The Reclaim Retreat

Reclaim your worth. Rock your life.

A 2 day experience where badass women convene to disrupt society's standards and rock their grown ass life.

Show us some jazz hands if you are ready to:

Make the rules and “should’s” that weigh you down a distance memory of the past.

Crank the volume up on your voice of compassion and treat yourself with the respect that you deserve.

Say yes to self-care as the highest form of self-love.

Make your life exhilarating and free, now that you’ve realized dieting is never gonna give you that.

Discover what your purpose is now that you know it’s more than the amount of space you occupy.

Believe in your core that you are “more than your body”.

The Reclaim Retreat is about learning how to OWN all of it — imperfections, uncoolness, whatever makes you YOU.

All in a gorgeous mountain setting with a group of other women who totally “get” where you are coming from.

This is what the Reclaim Retreat is about!

Introducing your two badass hosts:

Summer Innanen

Oh hai girl! I’m Summer Innanen, Body Image Coach, Bestselling Author of Body Image Remix and Creator of Fearless Rebelle Radio. With my straight-talk, tough love and wicked humour I’ve inspired hundreds of women, who are tired of living behind the numbers on their scales, break free of people-pleasing and perfection-chasing, so they can feel sexy, loved, successful, and happy in whatever body they’re rocking.


Sarah Vance

Hey there! My name is Sarah Vance, Body Image Coach and host of The Reclaiming You Podcast. I specialize in helping women all over the world get off of the diet cycle and reclaim themselves and their power from diet culture, self-doubt, perfectionism, and people-pleasing. With my nonsense – yet compassionate approach – we uncover who you are so you can ultimately live your damn life unapologetically, powerfully, and authentically NOW in the body you have today, and at any size, while feeling worthy, enough, and confident. Your power is not in your appearance, and you have better things to do than excel at counting calories.

What you get:

2 days of action-packed coaching that will leave you with a new-found sense of who you really are and a solid plan on how to make your badass life happen.

Celebration, fun and dance parties. You’re hanging with diet rebels who are the self-proclaimed queens of booty-jiggling and scissor kicks. This will not be your average kumbaya retreat.

Cultivate the unstoppable feelings of worth, love, and compassion for yourself.

Sunshine, mountain views, fresh air and a weekend away from all your stress to reconnect with what life is all about.

Hang with (and perhaps become pen-pals with) women who “get” where you’re coming from in a non-judgmental, drama-free environment.

A swag bag with loot to keep your mojo going beyond the retreat.

The 2018 Reclaim Retreat is going down on May 10th-12th, 2018

The May 2018 Retreat is going to be taking place in the

beautiful mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina


You will want to fly into Asheville Regional Airport.

Local Hotels:

Country Inn & Suits by Carlson, Asheville West 

Holiday Inn Asheville – Biltmore West 

or or (search for places near Candler, NC)

Two days that will change your life, along with snacks, drinks, one lunch and one  group dinner. 

Details TBD.

Here's what others are saying:

"The Reclaim Retreat was an AMAZING experience that has enhanced my body positive journey. I'm almost two years into this work; the lessons learned, journaling opportunities, and relationships formed with the other women at the retreat are irreplaceable. It's hard to do this work by yourself--podcasts and coaching are great, but only go so far. Immersing myself IN IT was the scariest and best choices I could've made for myself. Sarah and Summer are incredibly wise, kind, and compassionate women--not to mention have killer dance moves. I'd recommend this experience to anyone!" -Annie

"It was the best retreat I've ever been on (and I've been on quite a few). It was a lot of mental work, and super uncomfortable at times (feeling my feelings, ugh!), but well worth the effort. I learned so much about myself. Lifted a lot of shame that I didn't even know I had. And through all of that, Summer and Sarah still managed to make it really FUN! I had an awesome time." ~ Lisa

Ready to reclaim your worth and discover the badass within you?

We are taking a limited amount of fellow rule breakers.


Once you commit, the retreat investment is non-refundable. For your accommodation and flight, that would be up to the policy of the provider.

We want to try and make this work for you, so if you would like to suggest a payment plan that would make this feasible, please email sarah,  and let’s try to make this work. You can email her at:

The magic is happening near Asheville, NC – in a home that is overlooking the mountains. You seriously cannot beat the views of our venue!

Other than shenanigans and dance parties?!?! We’ll be doing short workshops and small group exercises with lots of time for discussion, Q&A and opportunities for one-on-one coaching. Some of these will take place outdoors (weather depending).

We’ll have some snacks on hand, but you will be responsible for most of your meals. We’ll take care of lunch on Friday and dinner on Saturday.

This is for the woman who knows there is more to life than dieting and fretting about her weight, but doesn’t know where to begin to reclaim her worth. You keep hearing that you are more than your body and you want to truly believe that for yourself. You’ve let go of weight loss and dieting, but you feel like there is a void and you want to figure out who you are and how to make your life exciting. You crave fun and adventure and want to hang out and connect with women who “get” what you’re experiencing.

You hate having fun, prefer to be bored and cannot be in the presence of people who curse.

You want changes, but don’t want to do the work and refuse to be pushed outside of your comfort zone.

You’re seeking advice around dieting or want to lose weight – This retreat is about reclaiming your worth and loving yourself unconditionally and there is no dieting or weight loss required for that!

You have an eating disorder or are looking for therapy. If you have an eating disorder, you need to work with an eating disorder specialist.

I'm in! Let's do this...

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