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RY36: How to thrive when you are surrounded by diet culture

In this solo show I talk about how you can learn how to survive – and thrive – in diet culture. Because the truth is that it is everywhere, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, how do you stay on your path and ultimately not give a damn that Aunt Joanne is talking about her latest cleanse?

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Reclaiming You Podcast

What I talk about in today’s show: 

  • Changes coming with the show for right now, and next year.
  • The Reclaim Retreat is here!!
  • Crowd sourcing for what YOU want out of the show.
  • How you can get your unique question answered through Patreon 
  • The reality of what we need to do: develop resiliency
  • Tangible things we can do to support our journey.
  • Boundaries- revisited.
  • What our triggering moments provide us with.
  • How to navigate diet talk that will be around us.
  • Question that you can answer for yourself to remember your “why”.
  • Closing comments!

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Show Notes:

The Reclaim Retreat

FREE Worksheet: Thriving in Diet Culture – Questions to ask ourselves

My 6 Step Process for Overcoming Your Triggers 

How to remain BoPo during the Holidays


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