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RY38: Making Body Positivity Accessible to ALL bodies with Imogen Fox

Today’s guest is Imogen Fox – a hardcore dieter turned body positivite activist who is embracing self-acceptance while also making it accessible to disabled people. You can read more about Imogen HERE.

Things we cover in this show:

  • Imogen’s take on why we need to get away from the body-centric position within body positivity.
  • What we need to look at with the intersection of body positivity and non-able bodies.
  • The difference between self-love and body positivity.
  • How she has noticed body currency within her IG platform.
  • Imogen’s journey of acceptance to her body versus seeing her body as an enemy.
  • The discussion around the moralization and obsession with health.
  • How she got into disability activism.
  • Reclaiming her worth as a disabled woman.
  • Her thoughts on “becoming healthy will make me happy”
  • The privilege of being able to perform health or live up to the ideal of health.
  • How clean eating is impacting our culture.
  • Reframing what self-care really is and what we need to be aware of when it comes to non-able bodies.
  • Questions to ask yourself before posting to social media.
  • Why we need to stop shrinking our impairments.
  • What she is currently Reclaiming in her life.

You can listen below, download it HERE, catch it on iTunes, or Spotify

Show Notes: 

No, I won’t cut you a smaller slice of cake. 

#PositiveVibesTribe: Spending time in the trenches. 

Connect with Imogen: 

Instagram | Website



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