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RY42: Reclaiming Your Sexy with Rashida KhanBey

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Rashida KhanBey is a Women’s Sensuality Coach, Speaker, Writer and Filmmaker. Dedicated to helping women reclaim their sexuality as holy and integral to their confidence, aliveness and unshakable joy.Reclaiming Your Sexy

Things we chat about in this episode: 

  • A discussion on her film that went viral.
  • The process of embodying the body that she has.
  • Reclaiming sexy for yourself versus the gaze of other’s.
  • How the relationships with our bodies influence our sexuality and being sensual.
  • Navigating a space where your partner has a problem with your body.
  • How her movement practice is a form of self-pleasure.
  • How to let go of old narratives around your body and sexuality in a new relationship.
  • That feeling or being sexy isn’t about your appearance.
  • How grief and pain can be a form of sensuality.
  • How to lose your shit – and be okay.
  • Developing emotional resiliency through allowing our emotions to occur.
  • How to start tapping into your own sexuality and sensuality.


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Show Notes:

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