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One on One Coaching

I work with women from all over the world to help them break free from body-hate and food obsession so they can finally start stepping into that amazing woman who is already there inside of them.

This is my life changing private coaching that is dedicated to empowering you to defy the rules, all or nothing thinking, perfectionism, people pleasing, and self-doubt.

This is for those who are  truly ready to stop hiding behind numbers, and start showing up in their life with true confidence, happiness, and an overwhelming feeling of I AM ENOUGH.

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Breaking Boundaries

Breaking Boundaries is dedicated to helping you launch your body positive, self-love, and food freedom journey forward.

This impactful program is here to help you start taking those life changing steps in your own journey, all while educating you on some of the major core concepts of this process.

It is here to empower you to finally start Breaking those Boundaries you are living in, so you can start living your life  now.

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Private Breakthrough Session

This is a one time VIP Private coaching call that will last an hour. This is dedicated to individuals who needing some support and guidance around one particular issue that may be popping up in regards to body image, self-worth, food freedom, and joyful movement. This is also a great way to get your feet wet if you are curious about my One on One coaching.

It includes:

1 Hour Coaching Session.

Breakthrough worksheet with skills, actions steps, and journal questions.

One follow up email.

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$80 US Dollars


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